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Couples Therapy 


Has the trust in your relationship been broken? Are communication and emotional intimacy at their lowest? Do you wish you could better understand your partner and relationship?

The people you spend the most time with have a great impact on you as these relationships are the foundation of your successes in life. When you are part of a more dysfunctional relationship, it can negatively affect you and your partner’s well-being, as well as leak into other facets of your life.

You may have noticed that these unhealthy conflicts in relationships can, unfortunately, open you up to anger, unhappiness, emotional and physical withdrawal, and low self-esteem.

Relationship problems can come in many forms

Perhaps your relationship lacks the closeness it once had. Trust and communication issues may have crept in over time. Maybe that’s because difficult life circumstances have changed the way you relate, and it has become hard to open up to each other.

Thus, you may have begun to grow apart. And due to a lack of intimacy or sexual desire, it may actually feel as if you're more like “roommates” than a romantic couple.

On top of that, other issues may also cause discord in your relationship, such as:

  • Different parenting styles

  • Recurring, repetitive arguments

  • Infidelity or betrayal within your relationship

  • Lack of empathy

  • Lack of boundaries

If you realize you feel an emotional distance and loneliness or any other sign associated with relationship distress, couples therapy may be greatly beneficial. Your problems surrounding your connection and security in your relationship is not one you should be going through alone.

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Couple Arguing


Being in a relationship can lead to a lot of changing circumstances and challenges which demand us to rethink and regroup at many levels. Therefore it is normal for every couple to experience problems within their relationship from time to time. In fact, some consider conflict healthy and to be so common that they are skeptical of relationships that are without it.

Many reasons can lead to why relationships struggle and couples decide to seek counselling

While it is typical to experience some frustration and have arguments, it can become unhealthy and negatively impact our lives. Unhealthy and unresolved conflicts may cause harm to a relationship, leading to a lack of connection, intimacy, and even infidelity. Other prominent causes are financial issues and growing apart.

Rather than waiting too long to begin therapy, introduce it into your relationship early on. Research has found that 34% of couples start counselling before getting married and that therapy has had a positive impact on 70% of those receiving treatment.

Although it may seem scary to consider, couples counselling can truly be a healthy step for a relationship. With the support of a skilled couples counsellor, you can rebuild trust and connection. And we believe that is an essential part of any strong relationship.

Couple at Home


At Stark Wellness Clinic in Toronto, we are here to provide the support, guidance and tools to help you deal with relationship challenges in a safe and compassionate space. Our therapists have expertise in the different challenges each couple may face and approach each relationship in an inviting and inclusive manner.

Whether your issues stem from past or current problems, we understand the importance of sustaining your connections and prioritize improving your well-being and level of satisfaction in your relationships. Our clinic offers a wide range of options and methods to help you and your partner take the strides to become your best selves and attain the healing you deserve.

What you can expect during sessions

During the free consultation call, our therapists will explain what therapy will look like for you as a couple. You will have the chance to ask any question you may have about the process of couples counselling and its purpose for you.

In the initial session(s), our therapists typically first meet with both of you together and then individually to address each party’s needs, worries, and strengths. This will give us a chance to explore your individual past history, triggers, and goals.

After that, we will come together to curate therapeutic goals and strategies to help get both of you to where you want to be.


Couples therapy can help you with:

  • Developing better communication and problem-solving skills

  • Increasing trust and meeting each other's unmet needs

  • Becoming emotionally and physically responsive to each other

  • Building intimacy and reigniting passion

  • Becoming stronger parents

  • Co-parenting, separation, and divorce

You will be provided with tips and exercises to use outside of couples counselling sessions, such as assigned talk time and active listening to improve your connection and communication. With the support of an experienced couples counsellor, you will get a clear insight into yourselves and your relationship.

Treatment methods for your unique situation

Our therapists are highly trained in many different methods of couples therapy. We recognize that all relationships are unique, and you may choose to seek couples counselling for various reasons. Each partner’s personality also affects how we approach sessions. Therefore, we use numerous psychotherapy techniques to try and find the most effective method for our couples in order to give them the highest chance for success.​

Two of the primary research-based interventions we use are the Gottman Method and Emotion-Focused Therapy for Couples (EFT-C).

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The Gottman Method is a psychotherapy approach that is used to help with understanding your relationship better by assisting couples in reducing negative interactions and increasing positive ones. Its main goals are to address your problems through increasing closeness, addressing conflict productivity, and creating shared meaning.

EFT-C Icon

Emotion-Focused Therapy for Couples (EFT-C) is an empirically validated method that helps clients develop their emotional intelligence to become more aware of their emotions and negative behaviour patterns while learning new and healthier ways to approach conflict with their partner.

Seeking therapy at Stark Wellness Clinic can help you rebuild what you have lost in your relationship and gain valuable information on what you want and where you see yourself in the future.

Questions and concerns you may still have about depression therapy

How do you deal with scheduling or time commitment concerns?

Our clinic will do its best to find a time that works for both of you. We work to schedule well in advance so you will have the time to possibly work around your schedules. Nevertheless, our priority is your well-being and, therefore, we pride ourselves on being


What if my partner is just going because I want to go?

This is a very valid and common concern. In some instances, one person is more comfortable with seeking counselling, but this is not a predictor of how the therapeutic process will go for your relationship. We initially have individual meetings with each of you to ensure that both parties feel heard and are comfortable with starting therapy.


Couples therapy is always together. However, you can also come as an individual to work on yourself and your relationship from your end.

What if therapy hurts our relationship?

Couples counselling has a 70% success rate. As a result, seeking therapy does benefit a lot of relationships. Don't be afraid to pursue counselling because of the fear that your relationship will change. Rather than putting off your problems, exploring them in a safe environment lets you have control over how your relationship may change.


If you are experiencing issues within your relationship, couples therapy at Stark Wellness Clinic in Toronto can improve your communication and help resolve your conflicts.


We invite you to book a free, 15-minute consultation with our therapists to acquire more information on couples counselling and how it can positively impact your life. You can also email us at

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