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At Stark Wellness Clinic we provide an array of services including

therapy for individuals and couples.  


We provide scientific evidence-based services for those who struggle with trauma, depression, anxiety, relationship-conflict, grief, life transitions and stress management. We support individuals who are looking to gain a deeper understanding of themselves in order to create positive sustainable change that will lead to self-compassion and confidence.  


We also work with couples who might be struggling to communicate, are in distress, and are wanting positive, lasting changes in their relationship. We guide you to better communication, deeper connection, and achieving fulfilment in your relationship.  


Our individual treatment plans will help you achieve your goals and support you

in making positive changes using evidence-based approaches and skills.  


Stark Wellness Clinic is rooted in compassion, understanding, and inclusivity

and we provide a non-judgmental space to all our clients.  

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